Keplr FAQ

We have put together this page to help you troubleshoot some common issues you may run into while using Keplr wallet.
Note: This is not a comprehensive list, and we'd love to hear feedback on how to make it better. Please feel free to drop by at our Telegram chat and let us know how we can improve it!
Keep your Seed Phrase Safe Don’t click on any external link and do not validate your wallet anywhere. The Cosmos & Keplr teams will NEVER DM YOU FIRST.
About the known Ledger Disruption (06.13.2021) The Keplr update [v0.8.9] should have fixed the incompatibilities between browser and ledger: if you’re still experiencing issues, please check the section [Report a Disruption] of this FAQ and get in touch with the team on telegram!

How to Integrate your chain Natively to Keplr

Please get in touch with Chainapsis's CEO Josh Lee via mail:

How to Integrate your chain via [Suggest Chain]

In order to assist you faster and better, we ask you to follow the process below to acquire evidence of the disruptions you're experiencing while using your Keplr wallet. Once you have the screenshots, please tag the admins in the Telegram Support chat.
[Network Error]
Ledger Disruption
Disruption while interacting with Osmosis
Any other Disruption
Please remember that you can check this FAQ>[Transactions]>[Why did my transaction fail?]. If the disruption is about Secret Network, please check the dedicated section below.

What can I do while waiting to receive assistance?

Uninstall Keplr
Clear the Cache
Check to have all the permissions enabled
If possible, connect to a VPN
Brave isn't officially supported yet, so if you are having issues with it try to switch to Chrome.
Find more scrolling down to the Networks' section, [Useful Tutorials]

Account / Security

How does Keplr store my private key?
What is the mnemonic/seed phrase and why is it so important?
Does each supported blockchain/network have its own unique mnemonic seed phrase?
What is the HD Wallet Derivation Path?
Can set a custom account derivation path when creating an account?
How do I create an account on Keplr wallet?
How do I import my existing account/address to Keplr wallet?
Does Keplr support Ledger Nano hardware wallets?
Can I import multiple mnemonics to Keplr?
Can I import the same mnemonic/seed phrase to many different wallets?
I can't remember my Keplr password, how can I reset it?
Is Keplr the same thing for Cosmos as Metamask is for Ethereum? Can I store any token that is part of the Cosmos Network on Keplr?
Do the blockchains that are part of the Cosmos Network, developed with Cosmos-SDK, have a token standard like Ethereum has (ERC-20)?
How do I manually update my Keplr extension?


How do I deposit my coins/tokens to Keplr?
Do I need to fill in the 'memo' field?
How do I check my transaction status, details, and history?
Why did my transaction fail?
Why did my available balance decrease even though my transaction failed?
What is the transaction fee?
IBC Transfers via Keplr


Which validator should I delegate to?
How much staking rewards / APY can I expect by Delegating?
What are the risks associated with Delegating?
How often should I claim my rewards?
Do claimed rewards go through an unbonding period?
I forgot to claim my rewards before undelegating/re-delegating and now they're gone.
I delegate to multiply validators. Can I claim my rewards at once?
How many times can I redelegate? What are some restrictions to redelegations?
I can't redelegate to another validator.
What is the unbonding period and how long does it take?
I want to stake my $NGM but I can't see e-Money on Keplr Dashboard.


How do I know when there are governance proposals in the voting period?
How do I vote in a Governance proposal?
Can my validator's vote override mine?
I changed my mind: can I change my vote?


What networks does Keplr support?
I don't see Oraichain, LikeCoin, e-Money & BitSong as available networks on Keplr. How can I add them?
Can I view the fiat value of my tokens in other currencies?
What languages are supported by Keplr?
Will Keplr add support for my favorite project?
I would like to integrate Keplr support for my blockchain front end, how should I do it?
Does Keplr have a mobile wallet?
Does Keplr have a browser extension for Firefox?
I've found a bug, how can I report it?
Disclaimer Chainapsis does not intend to give any financial advice: the fact that a token is available natively or that a platform is integrated with Keplr is not intended to be a guarantee of reliability (or otherwise) and in no way replaces the need of DYOR.

Cosmos Hub

IBC Transfers Enabled
Introduction to Cosmos Hub
Is Cosmos Hub and Cosmos Network the same thing?
Useful Tutorials


IBC Transfers Enabled
Introduction to Osmosis - The AMM Hub
Getting Started with OSMOSIS DeX
Useful Tutorials


IBC Transfers Enabled
Introduction to IRIS Hub
Is Uptick supported by Keplr
Useful Tutorial


IBC Transfers Enabled
Introduction to Persistence


IBC Transfers Enabled
Introduction to Akash
Useful Tutorial Chain

IBC Transfers Enabled
Introduction to Chain


IBC Transfers Enabled
Introduction to Sentinel
Useful Tutorials

Regen Network

IBC Transfers Enabled
Introduction to Regen Network


IBC Transfers Enabled
Introduction to Starname

Secret Network

IBC Transfers: Coming Soon
Introduction to Secret Network
Why can't I see my Secret tokens?
Getting Error related to the viewing key
The Secret Bridge is not working
What is the Secret Bridge Mining Initiative?
Why did my Secret Bridge transaction fail?
Why did my transaction to claim $SEFI fail?
How do I create Secret SCRT / Secret ETH?
Useful Tutorials


IBC Transfers: Coming Soon
Introduction to Sifchai
Useful Tutorials


IBC Transfers: Coming Soon
Introduction to Kava
Is Kava's HARD Protocol or Kava App supported by Keplr?
Useful Tutorial


IBC Transfers: Coming Soon
Introduction to Certik Chain
Useful Tutorial


IBC Transfers: Coming Soon
Introduction to Cyber Euler-6
My transaction failed because of [Not enough bandwidth]


IBC Transfers: Coming Soon
Introduction to Straightedge