Keplr FAQ

Keep your Seed Phrase Safe Don’t click on any external link and do not validate your wallet anywhere. The Cosmos & Keplr teams will NEVER DM YOU FIRST.
In order to assist you faster and better, we ask you to follow the process below to acquire evidence of the disruptions you're experiencing while using your Keplr wallet.
[Network Error]
Ledger Disruption
Disruption while interacting with Osmosis
Any other Disruption
Please remember that you can check this FAQ>[Transactions]>[Why did my transaction fail?]. If the disruption is about Secret Network, please check the dedicated section below.

What can I do while waiting to receive assistance?

Uninstall Keplr
Clear the Cache
Check to have all the permissions enabled
If possible, connect to a VPN
Brave isn't officially supported yet, so if you are having issues with it try to switch to Chrome.

Account / Security

How does Keplr store my private key?
What is the mnemonic/seed phrase and why is it so important?
Does each supported blockchain/network have its own unique mnemonic seed phrase?
What is the HD Wallet Derivation Path?
Can set a custom account derivation path when creating an account?
How do I create an account on Keplr wallet?
How do I import my existing account/address to Keplr wallet?
Does Keplr support Ledger Nano hardware wallets?
Can I import multiple mnemonics to Keplr?
Can I import the same mnemonic/seed phrase to many different wallets?
I can't remember my Keplr password, how can I reset it?
Is Keplr the same thing for Cosmos as Metamask is for Ethereum? Can I store any token that is part of the Cosmos Network on Keplr?
Do the blockchains that are part of the Cosmos Network, developed with Cosmos-SDK, have a token standard like Ethereum has (ERC-20)?
How do I manually update my Keplr extension?


What networks does Keplr support?
Can I view the fiat value of my tokens in other currencies?
What languages are supported by Keplr?
Will Keplr add support for my favorite project?
I would like to integrate Keplr support for my blockchain front end, how should I do it?
Does Keplr have a mobile wallet?
Does Keplr have a browser extension for Firefox?
I've found a bug, how can I report it?

Even more information and support is available on Keplr Help Desk at